Accupal — It's The Ultimate Patient Pleaser!

The best way to pre-condition palatal tissue to receive comfortable anesthesia! When have you ever had a 100% positive patient response to a dental device? Accupal gets real, verifiable results!

Accupal—the new Standard of Care in palatal anesthesia—Safe, Proven, Disposable, Reliable, Profitable, Effective!

Accupal is an innovative device that pre-conditions intraoral tissue to receive routine dental injections in a comforting way never before attained by any previous technology.

For patients who have put off needed dental work because of their fear of intra-oral injections, and for dentists who want to provide a more positive experience for their patients...

Accupal is for you!                                                                        

Accupal is featured in the instructional DVD "Techniques for Successful Local Anesthesia for Dental Professionals" by Royann Royer and Carlene Paarmann. The DVD is available for purchase here from

Physicians and other health professionals! Accupal's companion product, the SofSTIC, is perfect for non-dental injections. Great for allergists, cosmetic surgeons, anyone whose practice involves giving injections... make them pain-free with SofSTIC!